The Identity Collection

The “Identity Collection” pays homage to the biblical reference Psalms 139:14 NIV which refers to being made in the image of God. Furthermore, influencing this generation to love their natural bodies, faces, skin, etc. This collection has been inspired by pop culture, Christian faith, and understanding the difficulties of personal self-awareness and body image within the young Millennial and Gen Z age cohort. Thus, exploring our identity in Christ by utilizing biblical terms for product names such as “Loved”, “Victorious”, “Mercy”, “Purity”, etc. Furthermore, guiding the youth in their most impressionable state of adulthood towards a mindset of self-care, and love. The purpose is to influence them to understand that their true beauty goes beyond just the physical appearance, but there is a higher divinity in faith that truly defines their essence. Understanding that once they become comfortable in the skin that they are in, they will appreciate themselves in their true identity which comes from how God sees them, their chaaracter, and heart posture. The Identity Collection questions our very existence asking: What does God say about me? Before our minds have been polluted by the world? 

The collection is meant to be cross functional for day to night usage. The topical products such as face masks, are meant to be used first thing in the morning to awaken the face and cleanse of all toxins, acne, and inflammation. The glosses, and balms are meant to be used throughout the day to upkeep lip smoothness, and hydration. The eyelash serums are meant to be used overnight to strengthen, thicken, and grow lashes whilst the client sleeps. In conjunction with this routine, we wanted to focus on providing a superfood product that can provide improvement in gut health, increase in mental well- being, and an overall natural body detoxifier. Knowing that stress, and poor gut health increases acne all over the body we decided to create a sea moss gel, and sea moss gummies that can be consumed by the client for 1 month at a time. The benefits of sea moss are endless as it has around 90 of the 100 plus minerals that the body needs to function properly. Combining the facemasks with consumable gels or gummy bears allows the skin to flourish and glow from the inside out.

Keep watch as we begin rolling out this collection over time, starting with some of our topical products and finishing with the superfoods. God Bless you, and we love you with the love of Jesus Christ!

Perez xoxo