“The LORD gave me this answer: “Write down clearly on clay tablets what I reveal to you, so that it can be read at a glance. Put it in writing, because it is not yet time for it to come true. But the time is coming quickly, and what I show you will come true. It may seem slow in coming, but wait for it; it will certainly take place, and it will not be delayed.”
‭‭Habakkuk‬ ‭2‬:‭2‬-‭3‬ ‭GNBDC‬‬

Sometimes we have to write out the vision on tablets and make it plain! We developed a journal that allows one to write out their prayers and thoughts to the Lord. Using the A.C.T.S + S.O.A.P methods. These journals are designed to encourage daily devotion and time with God. As children of God we must seek his face daily.

Trusting in Jesus means surrendering it all to him! Your life, your thoughts, your dreams, and your desires, everything given to Jesus to wash clean, and make whole. Trusting in Jesus 100% will allow you to be set free in this straight and narrow path in Christ.

Maybe the Lord is giving you insight to your ministry, calling, or purpose but you haven't quite taken the time to truly go deeper into understanding. We pray that as you write everything down God will start sending you creativity and an overflow of inspiration! As well as healing and revelation. We pray that as you write, you grow deeper into your word, and your purpose. This is the perfect tablet to use when you want to jot down scriptures, thoughts, feelings, letters to God, prayers or use for your daily devotionals.